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Canola futures slid to their lowest levels in 15 months during the week ended Nov. 9, but managed to uncover some support to the downside and could be consolidating. While off-the combine deliveries were slowing down with the advent of winter, the commercial pipeline is still filled with recently harvested canola supplies. The weekly Canadian […] Read more

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11/9/2018 12:02:42 PM

Wheat bids in Western Canada were lower for the week ended Nov. 8, following the lead of dropping United States futures markets. Average Canada Western Red Spring (13.5 percent CWRS) wheat prices were down slightly, falling by less than a dollar to C$2 per tonne, according to price quotes from a cross-section of delivery points […] Read more

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11/9/2018 11:22:06 AM

The barns at Farmfair International seemed quieter than normal this year as exhibitors began showing and marketing their cattle. This is the first year Farmfair was without the Canadian Finals Rodeo, a major event that drew in large crowds to the Edmonton Expo Centre. The rodeo was held in Red Deer this year after the […] Read more

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11/9/2018 11:07:44 AM

These are some of the results from yesterday’s cattle shows held on the second day of Farmfair International in Edmonton. Lowline Grand champion bull: Big Island Lowlines, Darrell Gotaas, Edmonton Reserve bull: Big Island Lowlines Grand champion female: Idaho Livestock, Hayden, Idaho Reserve female: Big Island Lowlines Premier exhibitor: Fre Da Ro Farm, Enderby, B.C. […] Read more

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11/9/2018 10:48:07 AM

The latest United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports surprised traders leading to an immediate sell-off for Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) soybean contracts. “It’s a pretty interesting report to tell you the truth, but really the focus has been on the beans,” said Jack Scoville of Price Futures Group in Chicago, Ill. It had […] Read more

The post CBOT soybeans recover after dismal USDA data appeared first on The Western Producer.

11/9/2018 9:55:13 AM

The “war to end all wars” ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 — 100 years ago. It extracted a tremendous toll on Canadians. Nearly 61,000 were killed and another 172,000 were wounded over its four-year duration. It irrevocably changed the direction of the country and the […] Read more

The post First World War shaped future of ag appeared first on The Western Producer.

11/8/2018 5:07:12 PM

Thanks to a rainy and snowy October, soil moisture conditions have improved across much of the Prairies. While things are better, compared to a month or 60 days ago, many parts of Western Canada remain in a multi-year drought. “Conditions have improved, is the short version,” said Patrick Cherneski, manager of the national agro-climate information […] Read more

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11/8/2018 4:58:42 PM

Now is a good time to consider buying call options, says a commodity broker. “Right now I’m pushing the option side because to me they’re a bargain,” said Errol Anderson, broker and author of the ProMarket Wire newsletter. Call options that typically cost about $15 to $18 per tonne are going for about $10 per […] Read more

The post Storing grain considered a risky plan appeared first on The Western Producer.

11/8/2018 4:54:25 PM

Canola crush margins have been in the doldrums, but they are starting to improve, says a futures trader. Ken Ball, futures adviser with PI Financial Corp., has his own version of a crush margin index, which compares the value of canola seed to that of oil and meal. The index was in the $100 to […] Read more

The post Pricey canola squeezes crush margins, lowers production appeared first on The Western Producer.

11/8/2018 4:52:47 PM

No matter how hard Chuck Penner shakes his Magic 8 Ball, the answer is the same — outlook not so good. His question? What is the prognosis for green lentils? “I’d love to be optimistic but I can’t find any grounds for it,” said the LeftField Commodity Research analyst. Large green lentils are selling for […] Read more

The post Green lentil potential seen a long way off appeared first on The Western Producer.

11/8/2018 4:51:30 PM
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